Repost: The EspiCom Group congratulates MR. JOHNNY GAW YU as a recipient of the Outstanding Filipino Luminary Awards 2021 for PRIVATE CITIZENS! 

Johnny lives a life of benevolence, immense generosity, and dedication to public service. He is an established and successful entrepreneur and an indefatigable civic leader.

He graduated from the Philippine School of Business Administration with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, major in Management. He later pursued his Master’s Degree in Public Management at the Unibersidad De Manila and was conferred a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy by Piedmont College, USA.

A successful entrepreneur, Johnny says, “I owe much to my parents for teaching me the right principles and techniques on how to run a business and to my alma maters. If not for them, I wouldn’t be where I am now.” Johnny’s strong business sense was evident even during his college days. He recalls, “When I was in college, 

I tried selling to my friends and classmates
signature shirts manufactured in the Philippines. It proved to be a lucrative business venture so I decided to sell those shirts in other places like Laguna, Quezon, Batangas, Bulacan and Baguioand eventually became its main distributor.”

His entrepreneurial skills is matched by his strong attraction to serve. As a child, Johnny has understood what charity, pakikipag-kapwa and malasakit mean, having seen his father give financial assistance to those in need. But these terms began to take on a deeper meaning as he began volunteer work as a young man. Not limited to simple dole outs, he rendered humanitarian service first as a member of a Civic Action Group.

Events in Johnny’s life seem to lead towards humanitarian services, especially firefighting and rescue services. He saved his own home from a fire by effectively putting it out before it spread, sustaining second degree burns. Already a fire volunteer at 17, Johnny had undergone rescue training when he realized that experience was not enough. He then pursued his specialization in Disaster Management at Cranfield University in Australia and a member of the International Urban Search and Rescue Specialist under the Singapore Civil Defense Force. To this day, he says that a simple “Salamat!” (Thank you) is the most rewarding response for him.

Johnny joined the Rotary Organization when he was in college. In 1989, He was recruited as charter member of the Rotaract Club of PSBA Manila under Rotary Club of University District R.I 3810. He them became the President of RAC PSBA and awarded as the most outstanding club in the District during his term.
In 1996, he was then invited to join the Rotary Club of Sta Mesa Heights and later chartered its own club, The Rotary Club of Metro Araneta as Charter President in 1998. 

Under his leadership, the club was awarded the
📌 Most Outstanding Club in Membership Recruitment;
📌 Most Outstanding Club in Community Service;
📌 Most Outstanding Club in TRF Contribution;
📌 Most Outstanding Club in Per Capita Contribution

He was then invited to join Rotary Club of Cubao, Quezon City in 2005 paving the way for another Presidency, first in 2007 and again in 2012. Johnny made possible three Rotary International Grants of a Deep Well and Potable Drinking Station Project in Barangay Matagbac, Pililia in the Province of Rizal, One in Mt Makulot, Batangas and a rescue truck for the Civil Defense Action Group with the help of our sister club, The RC Seongnam in South Korea. He is also the

📌 former Director of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office of the City of Manila;
📌 Chairman of TEAM Network Fire and Rescue Volunteer Department;
📌 Chairman Emeritus of Civil Defense Action Group accredited by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and Office of Civil Defense;
📌 Rotary District 3780 Committee Chair for Disaster Response and Relief

Before these, he was the Fire Marshal of the Association of
Volunteer Fire Chiefs and Firefighters of the Philippines Inc.; Regional Director of the Office of Civil Defense-National Capital Region, Executive Consultant for the Presidential Action Center;
Conferred as a “Sultan” of the Entire Mindanao by the 18 House of Sultans and Datus are among many involvements that have helped prepare him for what he does today.

He says, “The different roles I play and the service I render give me such a thrill and excitement! Most of all, I get a sense of fulfillment even if my schedule sometimes seems so hectic or the activities too tedious, risky and even strenuous.”

Johnny humbly credits everyone he has worked with and all the different seminars and trainings he has attended for all the respect, honor, awards and recognition, as well as his skills and expertise that have made him what he is today. He may not be a good politician but his vision of good governance and what it takes to achieve it is noteworthy, yet doable. He says, “A government can run effectively if all its constituents and leaders are honest, sincere and responsible in carrying out their assigned tasks. Graft and corruption must be curbed through
strict monitoring of all activities and officials manning various government agencies.”

Johnny possesses the unique combination of entrepreneurial skills and a strong desire to serve. In 2017, he donated a 4-storey building to the club which is now known as the Rotary Club of Cubao Center for Excellence located at Lanzones Street, Project 2, Anonas, Quezon City. This building was established so that the club could have a sustainable program for the youth in
terms of vocational service and leadership training programs. It is also a platform for disaster management trainings and the likes. He owns vehicles and equipment that are made available and actually used by volunteers in times of emergency. Founder of the Philippine Rotary in Emergency Preparedness and Response (PREPR) Foundation in 2019, Johnny says that it will be the answer for the future humanitarian response and emergency management of Rotarians before, during and after any disaster in the Philippines and its neighboring countries.

Johnny is the First Arch Klump Society Member in Rotary District 3780 to donate a total of $250,000.00 to the Rotary Foundation, thus achieving a more prestigious award not only for himself but for the District.

Johnny Yu, a person of action and truly a cut above the rest!
The award is given to JOHNNY GAW YU for his pro-active civic and corporate responsibilities which contributed to the stability of of both social and political well-being of the country. His good example is rooted in his principles nurtured by his family and his experiences from the people he serves.

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